Strength and Conditioning with Mark Freeman

With the guidance of an elite international gymnast and former Cirque du Soleil cast member, this class will work you to your core.  


Mark Freeman of FREEMAN TECHNIQUE will lay a foundation of strength, flexibility and body awareness that can easily be transferred to multiple disciplines. 


Who is Mark Freeman? Read his BIO.




There will be significant attention to posture and body positions through various articulations.  Learning to control these elements, can unlock undiscovered abilities that most people don’t know they possess.


This class will have a positive effect on general health as it will encourage blood flow and circulation to areas that usually do not receive the attention they need.  It will increase ones level of agility and core stability. All of which have practical benefits in everyday life.



The course will feature the development of skills such as forward and backward rolls in all variations, cartwheels, and Handstands. There will also be the implementation of injury prevention by use of stabilization techniques and much more.

Classes are Tuesdays at 8:30 PM.  Be sure to ask about private lessons with Mark as well!


$25 Per Class - - Click Here

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