Pole Fitness Classes

Whether you’re an athlete looking for a new challenge, a dancer wanting to embrace your sensual side, or a gym-goer tired of the same boring workouts, Fullbody Fitness Club has the solution for you! Pole fitness will help you to achieve incredible physical strength, flexibility, balance, and effortless movement in a fun, supportive environment. Perfect for people of all shapes, and sizes, pole fitness will make you forget that you’re even working out!


Our certified instructors combine music, body movement, dance transitions, and endless combinations of aerial spins and gorgeous pole inversions that will exhaust your body but speak to your soul! Work independently on furthering your pole fitness skills, or work on routines created by the instructor at the pace and endurance level your body permits.

(*Please note: All pole classes are for men or women 18 and up)


Choose Your Class!

Beginner classes

Tuesdays at 6:30 PM and Saturdays at 10 AM

Began your fabulous journey into our pole fitness program! Build muscle tone and learn proper form and technique to master transition moves and spins with grace and confidence.  Learn how to sit on the pole and develop lower body and core strength to maintain stability. Discover your sensual side with sexy floor work and build your stamina and endurance with fun choreographed routines. Plus, watch your strength and core stability improve with each class you attend! No prior experience is required.


Intermediate Classes

Mondays at 7 PM

Continue your pole fitness journey and take your skills to new heights!  In this class, you will begin working on inversions as well as more-complex tricks and combinations, while continuing to build your strength and flexibility.  Instructor approval is required for this class.


Open Gym

Thursdays at 8:30 PM and Sundays at 2 PM

Work independently on the moves you learned in class this week!


Pole Tricks & Choreography (All Levels)

Fridays at 7 PM

Learn to defy gravity and strengthen your entire body in ways you never dreamed of!  Discover inverted poses that will help you develop beautiful back flexibility, elegant leg extensions, and incredible balance. Challenge your core with aerial combination spins and transitions that will work your entire body. Plus, work on flow when you combine all of the moves you learned in a fun pole routine. *All skills will be worked on at the student’s own pace and comfort level.


Class Rates

Drop-In Rates:


$20 per class: Click here to pay for and reserve your spot.


$10 per Open Gym.


Class Packages:


5 classes & 1 open gym: $85 (Saves $25!Click here


10 classes & 2 open gyms: $150 (Saves $70!) Click here  


Book a Private Lesson!

Not comfortable training in a class setting? Let our certified instructors give you the one-on-one attention you deserve. Pricing is $50 per hour of instruction. Call 412-253-2512 or email info@fullbodyfitnessclub.com to book a lesson!


Book a Pole Party!

Are you planning the perfect bachelorette party? Or maybe you’re just desperately in need of a night out with the girls. Let Fullbody Fitness Club play host to an evening that you and your friends will never forget! Loosen up those muscles with fun, flirty floor work before learning sexy transitions and hair-tossing spins on the pole. You’ll leave our studio knowing a mini-routine (if that’s your wish!) and will have the chance to take lots of photos to share with your friends and significant others!  


Get ready to have lots of fun as you let your inner pole diva come out and play! Our team will help you customize the perfect experience for your party, retreat, workshop, or special event.


Email us: info@fullbodyfitnessclub.com, or call 412-253-2512 to book your party today!


Due to high demand, we recommend that you try to make reservations 2-3 weeks to ensure you’re desired date is available.


Party rates are listed here.

What should I wear to my pole class or party?

To get the most out of your pole fitness experience, we recommend wearing shorts to our classes and parties. Dancing in your bare feet is also recommended and all jewelry should be removed for your safety.