Aerial Arts at Fullbody Fitness Club

Aerial Silks


Take it to another level, climb higher, explore gravity and get the true sense of flying.


With this beautiful combination of dance and strength, you will sculpt and tone your body in the air, as you increase your flexibility and strengthen your core, in a work out that just feels like playing.


We take pride in presenting an environment that is both creative and supportive. Students should be prepared to work hard, have fun, get stronger, and make friends while doing it!


We promise to accommodate students at all levels, from first day beginners to seasoned aerialists.


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Aerial Hoop & Trapeze

Our Aerial Hoop & Trapeze classes are designed to help you take your aerial skills to new heights!


Beginner Hoop & Trapeze students will work on increasing strength and flexibility by learning a variety of tricks and graceful yet powerful sequences on this versatile apparatus.  While no hoop experience is necessary, this class is best suited for students who are comfortable with their ability to hold their weight in their hands and have an emerging ability to invert to a tuck position. 


Intermediate and Advanced Hoop & Trapeze students have mastered the beginner level moves and will begin working on more strength based skills and complex sequencing. 


Unsure of which level hoop is best for you?  Send us an email and we will help you choose! 


Click here to reserve your spot in one of our Aerial Hoop & Trapeze classes!

Class Rates / Packages

Drop-in rates:


Aerial Class drop-in - 25


Open Gym – 10


Open gyms are supervised, but no new instruction is given


 Class packages:


5 Aerial & 2 Open Sky Gym Classes – 100

                Save $45


10 Aerial & 4 Open Sky Gym classes – 175

                *Save $115*


Choose your Level - Aerial Silks



Are you new to flying?  Or flying again for the first time in a long time?  The beginner class is for students who are brand new or still getting comfortable on the aerial silks.  These classes introduce students to the fundamentals of silk dance, encouraging proper form and technique while learning to execute basic moves close to the ground.  The goal at this level is to build core and upper body strength, while achieving body awareness and confidence in the air. 




The intermediate class is for students who have completed the beginner level of aerial training.  At this level, students will begin to work on more complex aerial moves, including basic drops. 


Students at this level should be able to:
·        Invert from a climb (to catcher's and double crochet, tagging ok)
·        Hip key from a climb
·        Basic climb with good form to the top of the silk and come down using relaxed descent
·        Properly execute double foot locks to crossback straddle


The advanced class is for students who have completed the intermediate level of aerial training.  At this level, students will work on sequences in the air, including complex wraps, transitions, and drops.

Students at this level should be able to:
·         Invert near the top of the silks (without tagging)
·         Properly execute both foot locks and dance knots in the air
·         Straddle climb to the top of the silk
·         Properly execute intermediate level moves such as single star drop
·         Demonstrate understanding of body awareness in the air and safe aerial practices