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5 Cool and Unusual Gyms in Pittsburgh


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September, 2015

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Cirque du Soleil at a gym near you? Not quite but it could be the next best thing as former performer Mark Freeman is on hand to teach the strength and conditioning classes at Fullbody™ Fitness Club – one of the most fun and innovative fitness centers in the city. Enjoy the beauty, stamina and grace of aerial silk or hoop classes.

Even kids ages 7-14 can get in on the act with the Kids Circus Class, a fun and safe introduction to aerial acrobatics. (They will thank you.)

If you prefer two feet on the ground at all times, they offer two classes worth checking out: their Hip Hop Dance Master Class or PiYo class, which combines the muscle sculpting of Pilates with the flexibility of yoga.

Fullbody™ Fitness Club will be the first fitness center in the city to offer Caberret Fit, a class that combines ballet style strength and toning exercises with burlesque style cardio dance.

The private fitness studio is owned by two professional Iron City Aerial performers, Kelsey Keller and Jenly Deiter, who work by the mantra: no more boring workouts!

Local Studio Owner to Compete in U.S. Aerial Championships


South Hills - Mon Valley Messenger 

February, 2015

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Kelsey Keller, local professional aerialist and co-owner of Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood will be competing in the aerial silks category at the U.S. Aerial Championships in New York City on February 8, 2015. The competition drew applications from around the world, but only 12 aerialists were chosen to compete in each of three categories at the off-Broadway Rose Nagelberg Theater.

Kelsey earned a Ph.D in Biophysics at Ohio State University before she set the lab equipment aside and pursued her dream of becoming a professional aerial acrobat. She now lives that dream here in Pittsburgh by directing an aerial performance company called Iron City Aerial. 

Alongside her circus partner Jenly Deiter, Kelsey also owns Fullbody Fitness Club, a class-based studio with a focus on cutting edge circus-inspired workouts.

Fun Fitness Classes in the 'Burgh



November, 2014


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 Dream about  having the flexibility of a Cirque du Soleil performer? Besides offering Zumba, pole dancing, and conditioning classes, Full Body Fitness offers aerial aerobics classes. Here, you can artfully spin yourself on silks to Latin and Brazilian rhythms, earthly vibrations and R&B music. And whether you’re a pro or a novice, they have different levels that target improving your form, flexibility and range of motion.

Women are Muscling their way to Fitter Bodies


Pittsburgh Tribune Review

November, 2014


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 Snug clothing can be a positive thing.

“Women are buying clothes that show off their muscles,” says Kelsey Keller, who, with Jenly Deiter, owns Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood. “More and more women are fit and working to become even more fit.”

In other words, strong is the new skinny. More women have given up an unhealthy obsession with a boney-thin body for muscular definition.

“I love to do strength training and high-intensity workouts that will build muscle faster and burn more calories in the long run,” says Darieth Chisolm of Jefferson Hills, former owner of Fullbody Fitness. “It is what athletes use to build strength and develop lean muscle. ... And muscles are so much more attractive than someone being really thin.”

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With so many new workouts available today, women can find creativity and not just run on a treadmill, Keller says. “You can choose from workouts such as aerial, which is fun and an exercise where you don't necessarily feel like you are working out. While you are doing it, you are getting stronger and gaining flexibility.”

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How the Iron City Aerials Combine Dance and Acrobatics

WESA - Pittsburgh's NPR Station

October, 2014


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 Iron City Aerials has performed with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Pittsburgh Zoo, the National Aviary, the Science Center and the Kelly Strayhorn Theater. It all began when Kelsey Keller was earning her Ph.D. in biophysics.

Kelsey Keller is the artistic director for Iron City Aerials. They hang and perform from what are essentially silk scarves and amaze people at public and private events. You can even arrange for an aerial bartender. Kelsey describes what they do as a "combination of dance and acrobatics.”

As a student at Ohio State University, she found the rigorous training for aerial acrobatics a great stress reliever. She said it’s something anybody can do if they aren’t afraid to try new things. Student Shelby Moschell said she “fell in love with it in the first class.”

Keller said that in the future she’d like to open a school teaching all of the circus arts, not just aerial acrobatics.

Silk dance program gives females chance to get "circus fix" build strength


December 2013



Cattibrie Bayens, 10, of Whitehall played one day on her swing set, wrapped her arms around the ropes of the swing and flipped through.

Her mother, Jennifer, told her she should take lessons, then later passed by the Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood and said, “ ‘Oh, my gosh, they have the silks,' and I put her in the class.”


Ally Citro, 16, of Ohiopyle wanted to learn how to do high-flying routines using long, flowing fabrics since she saw a Cirque du Soleil show. Her mother found the Fullbody class online, and now the two drive one hour each way so that Ally can learn how to use the silks.

Best Place to Soar to New Heights:
JUKARI Fit to Fly Classes at Fullbody Fitness Club

July 2012

Pittsburgh Magazine

The gym can get a little tedious, especially with all that most workouts entail. If you ever find yourself mired in the workout doldrums, try FullBody Fitness Club’s JUKARI Fit to Fly classes. Developed in partnership with Reebok and Cirque Du Soleil, classes are designed to simulate the sensation of flight. Participants are temporarily suspended from the ceiling using a trapeze-like contraption. According to research, this activity benefits coordination, balance and core muscle strength. It's also the closest most of us will get to joining the circus. — N.L.

WPXI'S See & Be Seen Tries Aerial Exercise Programs At New Fitness Club


September 8, 2011


I was excited to try the workouts after hearing that celebrities like Brooke Burke, Jennie Garth, Maria Menounos and Kim Kardashian love them.  First, I took an aerial silk class. . (Read More and see the video)

Pittsburgh Tribune Review


Personality Test: Darieth Chisolm. WPXI News Anchor and owner of Fullbody Fitness Club

March 28, 2012


Pick one:

A. Go-Gos

B. Goo-Goo Dolls

C. Lady Gaga

D. Yo Gabba Gabba


C. Lady Gaga. She's brave, different, way out the box and really talented.

To read more: Click here: Personality Test: WPXI co-anchor Darieth Chisolm - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Darieth is committed to the concept, symbolized in the scrolls of her banister, that “if this is going to happen, it has to flow together.” She named her company Flow Fitness LLC (doing business as Fullbody Fitness Club) in recognition of that. “I don’t shy away from the mysticism around it because I owe it to literally that thought.”  Later she laughs, “I am grateful for that part of it. Without it I think I would just be fumbling and stumbling along.”

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A Unique Take on a Full Body Workout in Brentwood! 

September 23, 2011

by Mandy P


The number one question on my mind: What is the experience like for a first-time visitor, someone like myself with little to no coordination? Darieth explained that her staff is incredible in that not only are they personable and motivating, but they are also certified and reputable in their respective areas.......(Read More)

Unique Fitness Business Comes to Region.

The New Pittsburgh Courier

September 28, 2011


Not just geared toward adults, Chisolm recommends getting youth involved in Aerial art. “The aerial apparatus and flowing aerial fabric is exciting to them and when they watch they like it,” she said. Concerned that often inner city youth can’t afford to take gymnastics or participate in similar types of programs, she said Aerial Art is affordable and a way for youth and teens to explore their physicality and creativity when gravity is not a factor.  (Read More)


By Point Park News Service • Fall 2011 • 6 Nov 2011

By Emily Petsko
Point Park News Service


In what resembles a circus training camp, several spandex-clad women swing through the air on trapeze, leaping at every encouraging, “Up, up!” from the instructor. At Fullbody Fitness Club in Brentwood, Pa., the “Fit to Fly” exercise class has its participants soaring to new heights.

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Aerial yoga craze catapults fitness to new heights

Pittsburgh Tribune Review

September 9, 2011



Part of the intrigue is in the ability to fly, Heward says. As children, we enjoyed swinging on swings, going around in circles and doing cartwheels. As we get older, we can still do those types of movements -- aerial yoga and the Jukari programs help people balance air time with muscle training for a full-body endurance workout. But having trained instructors is an important part of the process. (Read More)


While it also has cardio and strength components, the emphasis in Fit to Flex is on dynamic stretching and joint mobility.

"This makes flexibility and range of motion fun," Ms. Murphy said. "Many people either don't appreciate the importance of flexibility issues or don't like to work on them. They'd rather do high intensity [exercise]." It's especially important to do flexibility exercises as we get older." 

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