Core Stix. All the benefits of having a personal trainer guiding you through weight training, core, cardio, metabolic conditioning, flexibility and fun! You'll have so much energy through the day and burn more calories!!!!

Core Stix classes held mornings at Fullbody Fitness Club

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays Mornings

at 9:30 am/

Single class $10 : Click here to pay for and reserve your spot at the stix.



Visit the CORE STIX website to learn more and order your Core Stix's for home use.


Core Stix started with one brilliant idea from professional strength coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins, Mike Kadar. His vision was to create a simple and easy to use functional training device that could be used for every muscle group in the body, and which would train the body in an upright position to work the core into every exercise. Mike shared his vision with Core Stix’s other co-founder, Kregg Koch, while Mike was training the Los Angeles Kings as their Strength and Conditioning Coach. Kregg, being a patent attorney and former mechanical engineer building rocket engines for NASA’s Space Shuttle program, brought skills to the team that perfectly complemented Mike’s fitness expertise.


Many years later, Mike now living in Pittsburgh and Coaching the Pittsburgh Penguins, and Kregg still living in Manhattan Beach, CA, Core Stix is in full swing, designing and manufacturing (in the United States) some of the most effective, innovative, easiest to use, and safest equipment available anywhere in the world.

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