Aerial Silk Dance and Mixed Apparatus


Tissu Aerial Silk Dance

Lyra or Hoop

Corde Lisse

Spanish Web

Static Trapeze


Take it to another level, climb higher, explore gravity and get the true sense of flying.


A beautiful combination of dance and strength, you will sculpt and tone your body in the air, as you increase your flexibility, strenghthen your core and engage your full body.


By supporting and manipulating your own body on our Lyra or hoop, Corde Lisse and Spanish Web ropes, Static Trapeze and Tissu Aerial Silk fabrics, you will find this form of fitness is fun and unique! Burn calories, gain flexibility, build muscle, and develop increased stamina in a creative and supportive environment. Students should be prepared to work hard, have fun, get stronger, and make friends while doing it!


For those with more upper body and core strength, you will be introduced to advanced variations on the basic poses you learned in Aerial Silk Dance, now you will challenge yourself and aspire to rise to higher heights and fluidity.  


An emerging art form utilizing circus equipment, Fullbody's Aerial Fitness program uses aerial apparatus and flowing aerial fabric to create gravity defying dance!


Aerial Hoop/ Lyra

Our Aerial Hoop/Lyra and Mixed apparatus conditioning class is designed to help you build the strength necessary to safely and productively work on the Aerial Silks. You will focus on building a strong foundation, body awareness, and general understanding of the nature of Aerial Silks. There are no prerequisites for this class. Both adults and kids will be delighted to test their fantasies and explore their circus dreams.


Single class $25: Click here to pay for or reserve your spot.


Buy 5 Aerial & Two Open Sky Gym Classes $100


Buy 10 Aerial and 4 Open Sky Gym classes for $175 

This is a fun and dynamic combination of traditional yoga and aerial arts. Expand and extend your mental and physical limits during an hour-long yoga practice supported by a low-hanging aerial fabric. Build extensive core and upper-body strength and avoid common yoga-related injuries associated with compression of weight bearing joints. You will use the aerial fabric as a hammock to support the body allowing a deeper stretch, increased abdominal core strength and decompression of the spine.


Introduction - Aerial Yoga: Learn the basic skills of Patvan yoga and build the fundamental core and upper-body strength to tap into your bodies’ fullest potential.  

Intermediate - Aerial Yoga: Explore deeper stretches and modifications than traditional floor practice. Deepen your practice through assisted inversions and back-bends without strain or pressure.


The benifits of taking Aerial Yoga or sometimes called anti-gravity yoga.
  • Decompress tight joints
  • Relieve pressure while aligning the vertebrae
  • Perform advanced yoga inversions without neck or back compression
  • Hold challenging yoga postures longer and in correct alignment
  • Stretch further with less strain
  • Add an entirely new dimension to your Yoga practice
  • Create better body awareness while increasing overall agility

Aerial Yoga

Choose your Level



Are you new to flying?  Or flying again for the first time in a long time?  The beginner class is for students who are brand new or still getting comfortable on the aerial silks.  These classes introduce students to the fundamentals of silk dance, encouraging proper form and technique while learning to execute basic moves close to the ground.  The goal at this level is to build core and upper body strength, while achieving body awareness and confidence in the air. 




The intermediate class is for students who have completed the beginner level of aerial training.  At this level, students will begin to work on more complex aerial moves, including basic drops. 


Students at this level should be able to:
·        -Invert from the mat without instructor’s assistance
·        -Basic climb with good form to the top of the silk and come down using relaxed descent
·         -Properly execute double foot locks to crossback straddle


The advanced class is for students who have completed the intermediate level of aerial training.  At this level, students will work on sequences in the air, including complex wraps, transitions, and drops.

Students at this level should be able to:
·         -Invert in the air
·         -Hip key in the air
·         -Properly execute both foot locks and dance knots in the air
          -Properly execute basic drops such as angel and single star

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