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6:15  PM *NEW*

HIIT Cardio 

7:00 PM

Intermediate Pole

8:00 PM

Beginner Hoop/Trapeze


2:00 PM *NEW*

Int./Adv.  Silks 

5:15 PM

Beginner Silks

6:15 PM

Intermediate Hoop/Trapeze

6:30 PM 

Beginner Pole 

7:30 PM  *NEW*

Acro Yoga

8:30 PM 

Strength and Conditioning 


11:00 AM *NEW*

Beginner Silks 

6:00 PM 


7:00 PM

Advanced Hoop/Trapeze

8:00 PM

Intermediate Silks 


5:00 PM *NEW*

Youth Aerial Arts for Dancers

6:00 PM  *NEW*

Strength & Conditioning: Foundations

7:15 PM

Advanced Silks

8:30 PM

Open Gym  


5:15 PM 

Aerial Yoga 

7:15 PM

Pole Tricks & Choreography for All Levels 


10:00 AM
Beginner Pole 

11:00 AM 

Youth Aerial Arts

12:00 PM

Beginner Silks 

1:00 PM 

Int. Adv. Silks 


12:00 PM*NEW*

Beginner 6 Week Flexibility Series

1:00 PM *NEW*

Int/Adv.  6 Week Flexibility Series 

2:00 PM 

Open Gym

Youth Aerial Arts


Does your child love climbing, spinning, or being upside down?  If the answer is yes, then our YOUTH AERIAL ARTS classes are perfect for them!  They will gain body awareness, confidence, strength, and flexibility, all while having fun on our aerial apparatus!   Meant for ages 7 to 13.

Youth Aerial Arts

Saturdays at 11:00 AM 

Youth Aerial Arts for Dancers

Thursdays at 5:00 PM

Youth Aerial Intensive

August 1-5 1:00 PM - 4:00PM